ARC Global is a community of apostolic leaders & networks around the world with a 'new era' DNA


Re - Opening Celebration

Saturday 20th June

David McDonald 

Apostle & Prophet from USA

Prophetic Updates

Our ARC Global Community

AARC has become ARC Global. A monumental shift has taken place in the Spirit & in our international alignment and function.  We are no longer an Australian ARC but an International ARC. We believe a whole new level of international apostolic authority & apostolic influence has been released!

ARC Global  is an international community of Apostles & Prophets who seek to

  • Rise up in this new Apostolic era and wine skin
  • Walk together in strategic relationships in community
  • Build the kingdom of God together
  • Mobilise Prayer movements in Australia and the nations
  • Equip & send Apostolic & Prophetic teams to the nations 
  • Strategically transform nations together
  • Father emerging next generation apostles and prophets

5 Main Things

There are 5 main things that we do!

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