We Do 5 Main Things

Building New Wineskin Apostles & Prophets

Our passion is to help build new wineskin apostles & prophets into the fullness of their 5 fold mandate. This functions through strategic relationships together in community, meeting to pursue new wine revelation and hunger for the fullness of the Father heart of God to become whole apostolic fathers & mothers

Prayer & Houses Of Prayer Mandate

Everything comes out of prayer intimacy & worship! ARC is built on the foundation of 'finding yourself in the house of prayer.'  We encourage all apostles to establish their own houses of prayer instead of the old wineskin mindset of intercessors supporting your ministry. 

Wathcmen Prophets & Watchmen Warriors

A new movement of prophets has begun to be released across the world - the Watchmen Prophets. A new wineskin understanding of the Biblical expression of these prophets & watchmen warriors has come. For more go to www.shiftthenation.org for more.


Raising Up Next Generation Apostles & Prophets

Raising up next generation apostles & prophets is a mandate for this new apostolic movement. All apostles in ARC to systematically mentor emerging apostles & prophets as a priority. We encourage all ARC apostles to take strategic prayer, prophetic & apostolic teams to key nations that they are called to transform.

Emerging Apostles

We are committed to building apostles to transform nations. Apostles must know how to transform nations. Knowing how to enter nations is imperative - it must be through an 'apostolic door'. ARC is committed to the Eph 4:11 mandate of equipping & releasing the body of Christ. We hold Emerging Apostles Gatherings twice a year. 

Bruce & Cheryl Lindley

Bruce and Cheryl Lindley are the founding and lead apostles of  the ARC Global community.

Bruce & Cheryl were in ministry in Townsville Australia before they moved to the USA in 1989 to attend Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. As members of Che Ahn’s church & prayer partners with Lou Engle they were discipled by them for nearly 4 years. In 1993 Bruce & Cheryl  returned to Australia & planted a church on the Gold Coast which they led for 18 years. In 2004, they led The CALL Australia (as part of The Call International) - a national day of prayer & fasting where over 5000 people fasted & prayed together at a solemn assembly of behalf of the nation.  In 2010 Bruce & Cheryl were commissioned as Apostles by Harvest International Ministries (H.I.M.)  

In 2013 Bruce & Cheryl established ARC (Apostolic Resource Community) Global - ARC Global is a new community of emerging Apostles & Prophets who seek to walk together in strategic relationships in community; build the kingdom of God together; establish Fire Houses of Prayer in Australia and nations; equip & send Apostolic & Prophetic teams to the nations; strategically transform nations; Father emerging next generation apostles and prophets.

Bruce has published a number of books including "Fathering a Destiny",  “Encountering the Supernatural”& " The Seeing Transformation."  His latest book is "The Father's heart-encounter with God the Father !" Bruce & Cheryl have 5 children who are all in ministry today 

ARC International (Aust) Ltd

The Australian Apostlic Restore Community (AARC) legal entity is ARC International (Aust) Ltd 

ARC International (Aust Ltd) is apostolically aligned with Harvest International Ministries ( H.I.M.) international apostolic network  

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